CAPIRA company is the producer and distributor of printing articles and Personal Care line cosmetic products. Our flagship products include first of all boxes in individual shapes, book4pens – notebooks with a place for a pen, refreshing tissues push&clean, gels, balsams and soaps in individual bottles. We are constantly looking for new solutions. We consider our catalogue to be an inspiration to develop new, unusual patterns, individually for every client.

We are the exclusive distributor of UMA pens. The broad range of approximately 200 pens includes both traditional, simple patterns, as well as modern ones, which ideally march the latest trends.

Although we are a young company, our team consists of professionals with multi-year experience in advertising industry. We do our best to make the products we deliver of the highest quality and meet the expectations of our clients. We help to carry out the most original projects, always considering your satisfaction to be our priority. We are ready to face all challenges. You can always consult all doubts with us. We will consult your products and support you in accomplishing your goals.

You have at your disposal a new tool, which supports target customer service, e.g. a virtual catalogue, complimentary catalogues, no-name catalogues, a personalized website.