We present our company’s top products. Each of them stands out with creativity and uniqueness. We are sure that thanks of them every advertisement will remain in customers’ minds! Our Top Products break stamp-thinking about promotional gadgets. We are pleased to present :

smart cube an ingenious cube which hides multifunctional desk organizer. PATENTED PRODUCT

smart cube 4 smartphone an ingenious cube with smartphone stand. PATENTED PRODUCT

smart calendar smart cube with calendar – 5in1 product. PATENTED PRODUCT

triangle set pen stand – 4in1 product. PATENTED PRODUCT

pad4pen a desk pad with notepad and cut-out for pen. PATENTED PRODUCT

book4pen notebook-pen-case : notebook with a special cut-out for pen or usb inside

INDIbox custom shape box with chosen filling

VIR2ALL virtual reality

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