CPC-001 – INDIbox

A box in an individual shape. Thanks to it a logo or company sign may become a 3D advertising gadget. INDIBox can take all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and fillings. Apart from the individual form, there is a choice between vertical or horizontal orientation. The box is made of hardened cardboard cover.

Shape : INDIbox can take all kinds of shapes. The variety of options is practically unlimited, which allows to create unrepeatable advertising. There is also a range of default shapes to choose from.

3 kind of opening. You can choose the kind of opening: standard perforation or lid and flap, which makes it possible to refill the box.

Filling. The product can be filled with everything. The standard version of INDIbox is a tissue box. Other examples of possible fillings are gloves, cotton balls, refreshing wet wipes, plasters and even sweets. Everything is possible.

Vertical INDIbox. The vertical version of the box in an individual shape. Thanks to the vertical orientation, the logo and overprint are visible from both sides, the images remain readable even after opening the box – perforation is torn at the top. Option: Certain shapes can be equipped with a mechanism, which allows to refill it with tissues. The mechanism is placed in the box’s base.